Symbol of Hope and Resilience

Kalamitra Dolls & Keychains are colourful, handmade items produced by the world renowned artistic community of Raghurajpur as part of their livelihood recovery programme organised by Rapid Response.

The Kalamitra Project

This project is one of the recovery projects carried out by Rapid Response in response to the devastation caused by Cyclone Fani in Odisha.

Kalamitra helps the cyclone fani affected communities to overcome the trauma they experienced by getting them involved in creative handicraft work which could also be a livelihood option to make regular income.

Core Objectives: Livelihood Generation | Post-Disaster Trauma Counselling | Skill Development | Women Empowerment

How Its Made

How To Buy

This project is entirely run by the sale of Kalamitra Dolls & Keychains. We request you to buy and help these cyclone affected people to earn a sustainable income.

To buy please Call/Whatsapp: +91-9840560532 | Email: buy@kalamitra.in

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Why project is called Kalamitra Dolls?

In Sanskrit Kalamitra means friend of an artist and this project started to help the artistic community in and around Raghurajpur, Odisha.

Who makes Kalamitra?

Kalamitra are handmade by the artist in Raghurajpur, a world renowned heritage craft village in Odisha.

What is the mission of Kalamitra Project?

This is a post disaster rehabilitation project in which the people can socialise with others which enabling them to begin to recover from the immense trauma that they have suffered. Also this project helps to earn a sustainable income, thus allowing them to begin to rebuild their life after the cyclone.

Where does money goes when we buy Kalamitra?

All the money directly goes to rebuilding the lives of cyclone affected people who are making these dolls and Keychains.

Is this product is eco friendly?

Kalamitra dolls are made in pure wood and cotton, which are 100% recyclable.

Is the product is customizable?

Yes. Your logo, brand name can be added in the pouch and card which comes along with the wooden doll or keychain.

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